Eternal Gang Wars

ETERNAL GANG WARS is a team death match server for San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP). Originally founded by SilverStar and Reznov in 2021. EGW features custom mapping, capture zones, bank robbery, duel system, deathmatch, PUBG event, V.I.P system and more.

Server Features

The server is based on the GangWar gamemode but has many interesting features so that our players will not be bored while playing on the server.

Choose your gang

Join and choose your Gang, there are 4 Gang and 1 Police who are ready to secure the city.

Capture zones

You can captrure zones for more Cash and Score. You can capture multiple zones without dying to receive special weapons.

Duel system

You can duel other players with diffrent weapons to find out who is most skilled.

V.I.P System

Donate to become V.I.P and have access to special weapons, vehicles, free health and armour etc.

Join our Discord

Join our Discord to meet, talk, listen to songs, discuss and have fun with other members, and take part in giveaway from Staff!